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About Us

Cory Ferguson, owner, grew up on job sites with his favorite uncle and cousin.  My cousin and I were young and we were there for one reason, to learn how to work.   However, I loved seeing the process of building.  From the digging of the foundation to the handing over of the keys.
I continued working construction as I got older, spending 2 years framing homes, then in 2007, as the economy dropped, I found myself in the alarm business, installing alarms across the country, leaving my wife and young son back in Utah as I traveled.  
Learning so much about the different businesses I decided that building was for me and that is when Ferguson Pros was born.
Licensed, Insured and Guaranteed
We are a licensend and insured company, and will maintain the highest standards.  Our employees are high character people, so that we can bring the best possible experience to each customer.
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